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E. ALVIN  is minimalism spiked with a synthetic vibrance. Relying on

heavy bass, moody melodies, and  honest lyricism, E. Alvin cultivates an

individualized world of his own. With sonic similarities to filmmaker John

Carpenter and the likeness of left-field pop/experimental-r&b singers such

as Broods, Banks, SOHN, etc,  E. Alvin still finds a way to uphold his



With two full E. Ps under his belt, it was no surprise recognition would

follow. In 2016, E. Alvin made his debut with a body of work entitled

"MIDAS". It was an eclectic collection of five songs that exhibited his knack

for pop and r&b.

"His brand of pop is colorful, far from indicative of his relative inexperience as an artist."

-24Our Music

In 2017, E. Alvin released a more polished follow-up record entitled "Masochist", with a crunchy, synth-punch lead single that caught the attention of Linq Magazine.

"E. Alvin offers us a soul-infused, nitty gritty pop sound with flows similar to BANKS and The Weeknd."


2018 was full of self reflection. E. found himself hiding away in the studio for days at a time, experimenting. Mid year, he teamed with AWAL, penning them

as his distributor and in early September, E. released his single “MANTRA”, a ghosty, ambient confession about anxiety. A follow up single was released in

late November entitled “BODY” with an accompanying visual. It was a more aggressive tone and reached 5,000 plays on Spotify within the month of it’s

release. A strong start for an independent artist hailing from a rural town in eastern Connecticut.


E. Alvin is setting to release far more music in 2019, periodically putting out singles that strongly refine and establish a signature style. The leading single of

the year is entitled “Bad For You”, a brooding and unapologetic confrontation towards an abusive ex. Accompanied by sinister synths and punching lyricism,

E. delivers a new side of vulnerability with a bit more bite than his recent single, "BODY". Set to release February 28th, not too long after Valentine’s Day,

"Bad For You" is the song that reassures listeners there is strength in turning a cold shoulder to the person that hurt you.